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Dead coins - why this website

The crypto market sees a very huge number of coins and tokens. Only a small part of this list is active, and usually the ranking of this coins is proportional to their market cap.

A token or coin is considered dead if one or more of the following criteria are checked.

  • coin is abandoned by the developers (no update on official channels and social) for more than 6 months
  • a scam report is available from authoritative sources
  • the official website is no more present on the web
  • the local wallet cannot synch due to lack of network connections
  • coin is no more present in exchanges because delisted
  • mining is not effective due to blockchain freezing
  • Register as database editor. Your contribution will be appreciated!
  • Leave the page database read opened and donate us 15% of your CPU power!
  • Help us to be known through socials, tell to your friends about us!
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Our dead coin database can help you to reduce your crypto investment risk.
How we monetize this website
The database read page of this website, not directly visible in menu bar, contains a mining script. The script is programmed to use a 15% of your CPU power to monetize this website without banners or pop-ups. If you want to donate us for free, please deactivate temporarly your internet security module or the antivirus program before navigating the database read page. Otherwise the script, that we have not hidden in the page code, will be easily revealed and blocked by your antivirus suite. Moreover our werbsite could be banned from your antivirus.

The page has a small window reporting our reward, mining intensity (default=low) and a STOP button. Please block the process whenever the counter starts to display digits different from zeros. Keeping the script active whlie using the database will increment with time your donation.

The gained funds are converted and stored in a secure wallet. The aim is to allow the SWAP function through whitch your dead coins or tokens can be converter to fresh live cryptocurrency.
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